My first Hacktoberfest and my return to the Light Side


I graduated with a BS degreee in Computer Science in 2008 from a university in the USA. However, my relationship with tech at the time was not a healthy one. My last years in the program were a long slog, and by the time I graduated, degree in hand, I had no plan to sit down in front of a computer and code. I worked in the IT industry as a Business Analyst, and had a client facing role and also interfaced with the development team, but there was no passion, and like all passion-less relationships, it fizzled out. I moved into communications and purused my childhood interest in writing and explored PR, social media and design also. My relationshipt with tech continued to border ambivalence and indifference, until Chat GPT became a thing and AI took over the world - not literlly, thankfully. It got me started thinking about technology once again and how it impacts our lives at a very perosnal level. And then the unthinable happened: I dusted off an old laptop, upgraded its RAM and swapped it’s HDD for an SSD. I downloaded VS Code and Git and started learning HTML and CSS. Now, I’m reading a book on JavaScript. I mean, what is going on? Is this my second time around with tech? Was the timing bad the first time around? Why is it so much fun now? It’s still hard, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a good kind of hard. Maybe, timing is everything.