Netflix's Recommendation Algorithm


Binging On Netflix’s Algorithm

Have you ever wondered how e-commerce websites suggest you the best product? Or has it ever happened that the movie or web series recommendation on your favourite streaming service is just what you needed?

Well then, we have demystified the Netflix recommedation algorithm for you!

1. Netflix’s recommendation algorithm is responsible for more than 80% of the web shows and movies that consumers view on the platform. That implies that when you believe you’re picking what to watch on Netflix, you’re actually selecting from a list of algorithm-generated options.

2. The recommendation system works by combining data gathered from various sources. Shows are recommended based on your viewing patterns. Algorithms are frequently utilized to aid machine learning in this scenario. Netflix collects data that informs and updates the algorithm every time you hit play and spend some time viewing a web series or movie.

The more you watch the more up-to-date the algorith is.

3. Netflix estimates the likelihood that you will watch a particular title in their catalog based on a number of factors including :

4. In addition to knowing what you have watched on Netflix, to best personalize the recommendations they also look at things like:


All of these pieces of data are used as inputs that they process in their algorithms. The result is a series of curated shows tailored to each individual.

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